Friday, November 1, 2013

Why I Choose to Homeschool?

The past month or so I have come to the conclusion that I need to write down the reasons why I want to home school my children. My husband and I have agreed to home school at least through Kindergarten and there always seem to be someone who wants to know why.

I've been in Kindergarten classrooms before and know that my kids don't need to be in a glorified daycare. The teachers are wonderful but unfortunately since it's now a full day, there are kids that shouldn't be there but are because parents don't have to pay daycare costs.

After Kindergarten we will see where the Lord leads us. One thing I do know is that even if my kids are in school, I will be home when they leave for school and when they come home.

  1. Cost: Preschool in our district costs $80 a month. Starting this year and for the two years there would be two in preschool at the same time.The total cost for preschool would be almost $6,000 for all three years.
  2. Flexibility: My husband is unemployed for four months of the year. He finds odd jobs that friends and family need done during the winter. Where most families have their vacations in the summer, we have ours in the winter. Homeschooling gives us a flexibility to spend more time with Dad when he's around and home school when he is working.

  3. Moments: I love teaching. I went to school to become a teacher. I love seeing a child finally understand something. I love watching a child work hard and succeed. I love helping kids. I love their endless questions. There are no kids I love teaching more then my children. If my kids were in school, someone else would get to have those moments that I want with my children.
  4. Influence: I won't put my kids in a "bubble" as much as I'd really like to. When kids are in school for 8 hours and are surround by positive and negative influences, will I be able to influence them in a positive way? Getting home after work, making supper, helping with homework, light house keeping, and bed time, where do I get the opportunity to make sure they are being positively influenced to become someone who loves God and others.
  5. Calling: I feel that God is calling me to do this. God has given me three beautiful daughters to raise. Homeschooling feels so right for me right now. I don't know when God will call me to do something different but I am trusting Him to lead our family in the right direction.

My husband and I are choosing this path for our family. We know many families who send their kids to public school, there are many that go to private and still many who home school. The only right decision is the one God is calling you to. This is a sacrifice of my time and ability to work outside the home, but I know God rains down blessings when we follow His plans for us.


  1. Looks like you have things figured out and have done some discerning and praying Heather. My thoughts parallel yours for sure. :)

    1. Most families, and especially moms, I talk to are feeling the same things I am. It is encouraging as the support for homeschooling is growing.