Friday, August 23, 2013

Book Recommendations: The Shepards Heart Series

I love to read. My favorite genre would be westerns set in the 1800s. If I can find Christian authors it is even better.

One day when searching through the free Kindle books I came across Rocky Mountain Oasis. It was well worth my time. The story reminds us of the redemption given to us through Jesus. A woman so broken and hurt in almost every way possible learns not only how a husband can love his wife but also how God loves His children.

After finishing it I found out there were three more books. Each story is connected, following a family and their journey in faith and love.

What I love about the stories is that each story deals with a different aspect of the faith experience. In book one you learn about redemption, book two deals with trusting that God will provide, book three you learn more about trusting that God's plan for you life is often different from your own, and the last book shows us that sometimes we need to let go and let God. 

What is nice about these themes is that they were woven in the story in a natural way. It was part of their everyday life rather than the reader feeling preached at.

There is excitement and adventure of the wild west in every book. There are murders, fires, kidnappings, gun fights, romance and faith. Each book offers a new and exciting wild west adventure that is believable and keeps you invested in the characters and their plight.

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  1. Heather, I'm glad you enjoyed the stories and "got" the message of each book so clearly. And thanks for sharing my stories with your readers here! That is the highest form of praise for an author! Not sure if you've tried these other authors, but some of my favorites are Linda Chaikin (Pirate stories and a wonderful series set in India in the 1800s), Bodie Thoene (her "Zion" stories about the Jewish nation and people through WWII and beyond are my favorites), Jeannette Windle (The DMZ is my fav.), and of course Francine Rivers. Happy reading!

    1. My dad used to have the whole Zion series, but got ride of it around the time I went to college. That is one series I would have enjoyed I'm sure. The other authors I will have to keep in mind in the future. They all look to have very interesting books.